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Bergvik Skog Ltd. communication policy in Latvia
2014.04.25

The Bergvik Skog Ludza office has moved

Ludza office has a new location in Krišjāņa Barona Street 8
2013.07.18

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Bergvik Skog is one of the largest forest-owning companies in Europe with a vision for long-term development in Latvia.

Bergvik Skog was formed in 2004 by merging the former forest holdings of two Swedish companies – Stora Enso AB and Korsnäs AB. Bergvik Skog owns 2.3 million hectares of land, 4/5 of which are productive forest area with a total standing volume of 236 million m3.

Bergvik Skog's annual felling volume in Sweden is approximately 6.8 million m3, simultaneously ensuring the volume increment to 9.3 million m3 annually. The nurseries owned by Bergvik Skog have an annual production of about 50 million plants.

In Latvia, Bergvik Skog is implementing an economically effective forestry strategy, which is based on set long-term planning for forestry, forest preservation and development.

Bergvik Skog owns more than 110 thousand hectares of productive forest area in Latvia, of which 2/3 is forest area with a standing volume of 10.8 million m3.

Bergvik Skog is a company whose employees have over 10 years' experience in Latvian forestry. The forestry operations of Bergvik Skog are directed towards ensuring that the volume of felled timber is balanced out by the volume of newly planted and regenerated forest. The most effective long-term investment is the afforestation of unforested land having little value. It is planned to fell 200 000 m3 of timber in Latvia; in turn, the planned volume increment is at least 300 000 m3. Bergvik Skog plans to afforest at least 1000 hectares of unforested land in Latvia annually, as well as afforest 500 hectare of cutovers.

Bergvik Skog offers various cooperation opportunities in Latvia: timber and felling sales, land property rent, acquisition and exchange, plant procurement and purchase of forestry and other services necessary to the company.